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Carhartt Dickies Vintage Hose Workwear

The term workwear means translated work clothes.

It arose as early as the Middle Ages and was considered a functional invention by the working class. The clothing was durable, comfortable and served to protect the individual.

Over time, workwear in each profession changed, adapting to the current safety regulations and needs of the working class. Work shoes, sweaters, dungarees, jeans and chinos all have their roots in workwear.

In the 1980s, however, something strange happened. The so-called workwear fashion, which still exists today, became established. This trend in fashion was particularly widespread among hip-hoppers and skaters. The resistant, comfortable and at the time cheap clothing reflected their lifestyle.

Vintage Carhartt trousers double knee carpenter workwear

The best-known brands for workwear at the time were Carhartt and Dickies. Even today, both companies are among the world's best-known representatives of workwear fashion around the world. Workwear fashion has finally become an enduring trend. The work clothing of the large companies is now largely made for normal everyday use. Brands like Burberry also represented workwear fashion at fashion weeks.

Eternal aims to keep this trend going. However, our main concern is to bring workwear that has already been worn back onto the market.


Very easily! Vintage workwear is synonymous with uniqueness and originality. The tears, traces of paint and imperfections all tell a story of an already used garment that is waiting to be lived and told further.

vintage carhartt detroit duck jacket destroyed
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